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Board of Director Nominees

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Andrew Longstreth

I would be proud to, once again, work for and represent the APP. I am currently the Paramedic program director for Crystal Mt. resort in WA state. This next season will be 30 years at Crystal. I worked 8 years at Mt. Baker prior to that. I have been the head judge in Medical, Sleds and Avalanche Rescue for APP and served on the Board of Directors from 1996 - 2012. Scott Hoffman was a good friend and I was affected by his death and stepped out for a while. I hope for the opportunity to be back involved with the Association of Professional Patrollers Board of Directors.

Charlie Tabano

Hello fellow brother and sister patrollers. I am Charlie Tabano from Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe and I am seeking a Board position for our APP organization. I have been a proud member of the organization since the mid-80’s and have been a consistent contributor to our clinics for many years. I have been the Head Medical Judge on two separate occasions and hopefully have made some significant contributions in that position. 

If you elect me, I plan on working on a few projects that I believe will make the APP a more popular training, educational and certifying agency especially with the larger destination type resorts. I would also like to connect with organizations such as the NSAA, large corporate ski conglomerates and a few of the major liability insurance agencies in order to present them with the advantages that can come from unified standards for their representative patrols. 

In order to accomplish these, I think the APP must update and simplify our own standards of training, testing and certification. I don’t think for example, that an experienced pro patroller should fail a test on a skill that they do competently every day at work. We must look at the current testing system and give it a real overhaul. 

My qualifications: 

  • 36 year pro patroller 
  • Manager, Mt. Rose Advanced Life Support Program
  • 28 year paramedic 
  • Nv. EMS Instructor
  • Instructor in ACLS, PALS, ITLS, CPR
  • Chairman: Truckee Meadows CC EMS Advisory Board

CJ Svela

Mt Ashland Professional Ski Patrol & Timberline Mt Hood Professional Ski Patrol

I started with the APP in 2003 as a young ski patroller at Mt Ashland in Southern Oregon. I have had the privilege since then to serve on the board of directors in several different capacities, Board Member At Large, Assistant Criteria Coordinator, Training, and Education. I have met many of you in the organization having deep conversations about how to progress the ski patrol industry and how to get the most current training and certifications to ski patrollers. 

As the current Vice President and Criteria Coordinator for the past 2 years, I have worked with education and testing during my tenure on the BoD. I have also worked closely with industry-specific individuals and organizations with expertise to make consistent updates to our testing criteria. I have created and will continue to facilitate partnerships with professional organizations such as American Avalanche Association (A3), National Ski Area Association (NSAA), Ski Area Management (SAM), and National Ski Patrol (NSP). I have helped to create avenues of membership through the A3 offering discounts to both APP and A3 memberships. We should continue to communicate with the NSP to be the facilitating body for their Certified Program. 

I will continue to connect with industry partners to promote the APP, provide quality professional education and training that meets/exceeds standards & guidelines of the skills within our certification process.

There is more work to be done. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Association of Professional Patrollers and your vote.

CJ Svela, 

Vice President – Current

APP Certified #561/NSP Certified #771

Dave Moore

As the current APP President, I am running to be on the board again. For the last several years on the board, I have helped to bring the organization into the current era. Much of the work we have done has been behind the scenes, and we have managed to modernize almost every procedure. I would like to stay on to help continue this work. I've been a ski patrol for 30 years and I am currently a professional patroller in Big Bear, CA. I am a Risk Manager by profession, and I hold a MBA.

Dominic Zanzucchi

My name is Dominic Zanzucchi. I live in Flagstaff, AZ with my wife Kelly (also a pro patroller) and dog Earl (not a patroller, sorry Earl). We love doing all sorts of fun things together, but mostly we love skiing (especially Earl)

I got my EMT certification in 2007 while attending college at Northern Arizona University, and began my professional Ski Patrol career that winter at the Arizona Snowbowl and I’m still there now as Ski Patrol Manager. The Snowbowl patrol is a busy one, we run thousands of injuries per season, conduct explosives avalanche hazard reduction, and perform numerous backcountry search and rescue missions, not to mention the seemingly endless investigations paperwork. It’s an incredible place to be a patroller. I’ve been fortunate to work with such an outstanding crew at the Snowbowl these last 13 seasons and have learned a lot from them and have made some incredible friendships there. In the summer months I am a wildland firefighter and shorthaul rescuer with Grand Canyon Helitack. Our crew operates two exclusive use firefighting helicopters; one committed to Search and Rescue and Initial Attack in Grand Canyon National Park and the Kaibab National Forest, and another available as a National Firefighting Resource. 

I joined the APP in 2016 and have really enjoyed the opportunity to be a member of an organization that represents us as professional patrollers. I think it is extremely valuable for patrollers to have the ability to learn from other professionals through the APP, and to encourage one another to gain more knowledge of our profession. If I were elected to the board it would be my goal to promote the APP as the number one certifying agency for professional patrollers. For that to happen, I believe the testing criteria, study guide, and reference materials used for certification need review and overhaul. The study materials need to remain relevant to the realities of patrolling today, and the testing needs to be adjusted to reflect that relevance.

Ed Gassman

I am currently on the Board and with your support would like to serve another term to finish work we have started. We have a great Board right now and are in the middle of some changes to help make APP successful for the next 20 years.

I know many of you, but as background I have been a patroller over 40 years, a member of APP for 26 years, certified for 25 years and a member of the APP Board for 6 years in the 90’s. I stepped down due to time constraints of family and job. I have been a paid and volunteer patroller in Utah, Washington, New Hampshire, Tennessee, California, and now Colorado. I serve on the Board of FIPS (Federation Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski) composed of the major ski associations around the world. I am proud APP is now one of 22 distinguished members of FIPS.

Four years ago I was asked to head up High Altitude Winter Environment Training of Special Forces. SEALS are trained in San Diego and Green Berets in North Carolina but we now have Bad Guys hiding in the 10-14,000 foot mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan so there was a real need. The team I put together was composed mostly of certified patrollers. I am happy to report the curriculum and penchant for excellence of the Certified program has been extremely successful and well received by our elite young heroes. Hopefully it will save lives and reduce terrorist threats, hence taking us back to our roots when the first ski patrollers created the 10th Mountain Division.

Thank you for your support of APP. Have a great & safe off season!

Kari Brandt

I am completing my first 2-year term as a member of the Board of Directors and Secretary of APP. I am running for re-election this season for a few reasons. First, I would not be in my position in the ski industry without the organization. I am the current Ski Patrol Director and Safety Coordinator at Diamond Peak Ski Resort in North Lake Tahoe. Before moving north, I was a professional ski patroller for 7 seasons in southern California, including three seasons as the Patrol Director at Snow Valley. My involvement with APP has given me a more diverse education in the ski industry as well as networking opportunities to be able to progress in the industry. I believe in this organization and want to see it continue to be a benefit to our profession and passion. Second, I would like to continue to evolve and expand the women’s program. Shannon Maguire started the hard work to develop the women’s program to where it is and has graciously passed the torch to me. Lastly, I would like to use my Masters Degree in Integrated Education to continue to update and modernize our study guide and criteria. I would like to help APP maintain relevancy within the ski industry. Thank you for trusting me to assist in the future of the organization and I hope to continue on that journey with your support.

Roman Gallegos

Hi to all those that provide ski patrol to ski areas and continued education with on-hands training and testing.  I just completed 27 years of ski patrolling in the Southwest.  I have served on different boards and advisory committees in the ski industry and private sectors to include non-profit.  I have a combined experience of 36 years in the Healthcare Industry. This is what I do when I am not patrolling.  I have experience in Bio-Medical Engineering, IT Systems Engineering, Facilities Manager, Senior Systems Analyst. Currently I am the IT/IS Manager at Santa Fe Imaging located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I have a Masters in Healthcare Administration (MHA), a Bachelors in Information Systems, and Electronic Engineering degrees in micro-processing and communications.

My most recent position is the SW Region Director within the Rocky Mountain Region (RMD). This ends in June 2020 since I have chosen not to run again.  I have provided assistance with APP Clinics in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.  I would like to be considered as a APP Board Member position to represent the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions.  Below is a quick view of my years of Patrolling.

  • Association of Professional Patrollers Certified #626
  • Angel Fire Pro Patroller 18 years (Current) Training Supervisor
  • Santa Fe Ski Patrol Toboggan Trainer
  • National Ski Patrol Certified #834
  • Pajarito Ski Patrol 27 years (Current)
  • National Ski Patrol Rocky Mountain Certified Program Director (Current)
  • National Ski Patrol Rocky Mountain Southwest Region Director 10 years
  • National Ski Patrol Rocky Mountain Southwest Region Skiing and Toboggan Advisor 8 years
  • New Mexico EMT
  • National Ski Patrol Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Outdoor Emergency Transportation and Outdoor Emergency Care
  • Past Assistant Ski Patrol Director Pajarito Ski Patrol Los Alamos, NM
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