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We provide education, on-going training, and certification of patrollers supporting leading safety and risk management best practices for the mountain recreational community.

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Update on Ortovox Recall...

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New Backcountry Access Gate sign at June Mountain

SCHOLARSHIP FUND now accepting applications. One of APP's primary goals is to provide education and on-going training to the professional ski patrol community. We raise funds through membership fees and donations. Each year we award scholarships

to a small number of applicants so they can attend some event that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Please fill out this application as completely as you can especially focusing on WHY you should get this scholarship. Deadline for applications in March 15, 2018 

STEVEN'S PASS Clinic completed February 16 - Thanks to CJ and Scott for organizing:

Today finished up a great clinic with fresh snow! Patrol was kind enough to give us a 'tour' this morning before public loaded.

We had a great social buffet dinner last night provided by Stevens Pass, and gave away multiple prizes including some original artwork donated, a free pair of Keen shoes donated, shirts, goggle covers, etc.

There were 4 visiting patrollers: 2 Snoqualmie, 1 Mission Ridge (patrol director), 1 Lookout Pass (assistant director). We also had 3 Stevens Pass patrollers test and 5 judge.

Today there was also a great presentation by Washington DOT on their avalanche mitigation program. All in all there was a really good energy, positive APP vibes, and a lot of interest for more clinics and participation in the PNW.

Summary of tests:

We gave 14 written tests.

We also gave 14 practical tests:

1 Explosives

2 Rope Rescue

1 Skiing/1 Snowboard

3 Medical

3 Safety

2 Toboggan

1 Avalanche Rescue

All certs!

Dave Heinbach from Stevens Pass passed his Explosives and Avy Rescue to finish his Full-Cert, #621. Congratulations to Dave Heinbach!!

SIERRA-AT-TAHOE Clinic worked out well! - 

Shannon Maguire organized a great clinic at Sierra-At-Tahoe in early February.  At the clinic, Michael Fraser, Sierra At Tahoe completed his final exams and reached FULL CERTIFICATION level. Michael has been involved with APP testing for 3 years and attended the NAS in Breckenridge this fall.  Congratulations to Michael for that diligent effort.  In addition, at the clinic, 26 practical tests were administered, resulting in 20 certified, 5 associates, and 1 sustaining patroller.

The clinic also administered 27 written exams, with 15 certified, and 12 sustained. As you know candidates must pass the written exam in a discipline before they can progress to the practical exams.  

We had a fun, positive, and successful clinic. Huge thanks to judges CJ and Bo! Other folks who really helped with the success of the clinic were Todd Sprague and Greg Lolli from Sierra, Charlie Tobano (Mt. Rose), Mark and Patty Giebel, Tom Rejzek, and Kari Brandt. Toby with Edge Rescue made it out with some sleds as well.

June Mountain Clinic January 19,20,21 a success!

Report submitted by David Moore, APP Board Member: 

I awoke the next morning in June Lake to half a foot of snow on my car. It was the first significant accumulation of snow that I had seen this year, and it was still snowing. Eric texted me asking to delay the clinic by an hour because his people were out doing control work. “Seriously?” I almost asked him. By the time the clinic attendees had gathered, eaten breakfast, and taken all of their written tests, there was another half foot of snow on the ground, and it wasn't Sierra cement. It was the kind of powder we don't often see in California. An executive decision was made to change the educational component of our clinic to powder skiing 101. ( Click here to read more about the clinic....)

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When in Doubt Immobilize? Maybe not!
Bob Heflin, APP Board Member
Medical Dept Lead for Taos Ski Valley Patrol

Dogma; Merriam Webster defines dogma as “A point of view or tenet put forth as authoritative without adequate grounds”

Why do we immobilize potential thoracolumbar spinal injuries on a long spine board(LSB)? Mostly we do it because we were taught to in some EMT class years ago. Whole sections of state licensure tests were designed to test our ability to completely immobilize a patient on a hard board with straps and duct tape and head restraints. Cervical spine injuries got all of the above with the addition of a c-collar and more tape. But why? (Click here to Read More...)

BCA Candidate of the Clinic - Mammoth Mountain April 2017

Shane Wakefield from June Mountain completed the most disciplines with the highest scores of anyone else in the clinic.  For that accomplishment he was awarded the BCA " Candidate of the Clinic" award and received a BCA Float airbag as a recognition of a job well done. Congratulations Shane! Eric Diem - Patrol Director June Mountain, hand delivered the prize.
Educational Scholarship - One of APP's primary goals is to provide education and on-going training to the professional ski patrol community. We raise funds through membership fees and donations. Each year we award scholarships to a small number of applicants so they can attend some event that they otherwise would not be able to afford. Please fill out this application as completely as you can especially focusing on WHY you should get this scholarship. We'll be in touch. Be sure to let us know the DEADLINE by which you need a response. Applications are now being accepted. Click here to complete an application. Deadline is December 31st.

New fund raising vehicle for the APP

If you shop on Amazon.com, and you also wish to support the APP, we have enrolled in an exiting new program to allow you to do BOTH at no additional expense to you.  If you use the link at the right to jump to the Amazon shopping site, they will donate 0.5% of any eligible purchase right to the APP's bank account.  Same familiar Amazon web site, same familiar Amazon vendors, same Amazon pricing, same Amazon shipping and customer service, BUT, the difference is that Amazon will make donations to us in the process.  Use this link for ALL your Amazon purchases!

"Respecting weather and Certified Testing" - A Message from APP Vice President Michael Nolen:  

I feel every Patroller in our organization has some awareness of the winter this year in the west. If not, you are not getting out to your ski resorts. My personal experience is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I live and work in the Sierra’s and have experienced a lot of this winter first hand. Having lived at the 7,500 foot elevation for nearly 30 years I have my own rating system for this season compared to others. In the area where I live and work there has been somewhere around 30 feet of snow. Not uncommon looking back on my time in the Sierra’s. What is uncommon is that there has been an estimated 20 inches of rain since December. If all the rain fell as snow we could be around 50 feet of snow for the winter to date. (Read More of Mike's article...)

Work Opportunities

Click here to review classified ads for ski patrol positions available.  Timberline in particular has year round ski patrollers, but other resorts will start to post for bike patrols too. 

South American Beacon Project - Donate your old 457 MHz beacon to be re-purposed in South America.  This organization is still on-going, and still providing a great service to recycle our old beacons to patrollers and snow workers less fortunate than ourselves in regards to access to the latest technology.


Digging in the snow

There is a lot to be said about digging in the snow to analyze the pack and observing stability. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and their own techniques and tricks. A good habit to start with prior to sticking your head in the snow: analyze the weather, make observations on the drive up to the mountain, and maintain knowledge of the season’s snowfall and weather. (Read more on this subject from CJ Svela, APP Board Member )

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Ortovox trade-in program - Trade in ANY brand of older beacon for $75 credit towards purchase of new Ortovox beacon. https://gearjunkie.com/ortovox-transceiver-trade-in

APP SWAG for Sale

There will be updated APP SWAG at the Spring clinic for sale - then afterwards at the on-line store! Hats $20, Shirts $40.


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