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2020 Annual Conference Cancelled

My friends and fellow patrollers,

As I am sure you could anticipate, we are cancelling the remainder of our clinics and the Annual Conference for this year. In light of these extraordinary times, it is not just a decision to make, but our duty to do the right thing. In the coming months, as first responders, we will be needed in our communities. Now is the time to prepare for that. All indications are that our medical systems will become overloaded. Response times will go up. Emergency services may become sporadic. Supplies could be scarce. Our particular brand of "street medicine" will most likely become very useful. Patrollers like to joke that we can do almost anything an ambulance can do with a backpack. Perhaps, when challenged, that isn't so far from the truth. Most of us are coming off a season with our skill sets tuned up and our packs ready to go. Good, check your glove supply, pull out that stethoscope, and review the infectious disease protocols. We will be needed. Let's be valuable.

On a final note, the APP will continue to run virtually. There are 5 board positions up for election this cycle. Normally we would nominate and vote on candidates at the Spring Conference, but we will be doing it all online this year. If you have a nomination for the board, please submit it to Kari: Secretary@propatrollers.org  We will keep you updated on the election process and all other APP news as we figure it out.

Who knows where all this is going. Uncertainty is everywhere, but that is the environment the ski patrol thrives in. Be safe and keep your head. Adaptation is our greatest skill.

David Moore

President, APP

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